About Us
Socially responsible private housing company.

The Cooperative Property Company is a socially responsible housing company. Over the last decade we have worked collaborative with investors, Landlords, Local Councils and tenants. We strive and delivered on our mission to deliver strong and sustainable returns to our investors. Our tenants have enjoyed high quality accommodation, in which they find tranquillity, stability and a place they call home.

As an ethical housing company, we pride ourselves on providing high standard accommodation for the social and private tenant market.

We are growing and making an impact.







What Our Clients Say

"My building containing 10 flats has been managed by Cooperative Property for 5 years and I have found their guaranteed rent product extremely positive as I don’t have to worry about the day to day management of the property or the voids I used to experience."

– Olusola (Landlord)

"I have bought multiple properties with TCPC since 2013, during which I had made double digit cash-on-cash returns as well as strong capital appreciation. I would recommend investing and having properties managed by the guys at Cooperative."

– Mark (Investor)

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– John Smith